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Does 1:1 Marketing Really Make a Difference?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about variable data printing or print personalization as efforts to raise ROI and response rates—using things like demographics, geographic locations, and names to personalize print media. But does it really make a difference? Can we really see a difference in response rates just by increasing the size of a postcard or the quality of its design? Do better, more targeted offers really change anything? Well, the statistics say, “yes!”

We know that 56% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that knows them by name (Accenture). We also know that 84% admit to being more likely to open direct mail when it’s personalized (InfoTrends) and 59% say that it even effects their purchasing decisions (Infosys).

But why does it work? Our theory is that personalization works because it’s—you guessed it—personal! Put yourself in the mindset of your consumer. It’s about what’s good for them, not what’s good for the marketer. Personalized print media is about showing the consumer how the product or service can really benefit them or how it’s tailor-made for them.

Still not sure how? Be the consumer for a second. Just consider what motivates your purchases and what kind of direct mail you open and find convincing. When you’re shopping online, you prefer a system that knows you by name, gives you recommendations based on your recent purchases and viewing patterns, and keeps your history organized for you. Your financial advisor sends you information only on relevant funds based on your past investment history. Your local grocery store prints coupons on your receipt based on what you just purchases at the store.

It’s the same concept when it comes to print media. Consumers want to be marketed to on a one-on-one basis. This level of personalization is so ingrained in our culture and our consumer experience already—we hardly recognize it anymore. But we do expect it.

So, if you aren’t already using personalized print as a marketing tool, make it the next step in bringing your marketing campaign into this modern era of advertising. And if you need help making your multichannel marketing campaign more personalized, give us a call. We’re here to help.

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