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Direct Marketing

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What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a targeted marketing tool that presents information to a consumer who will likely be interested. For example, subscribers to a music magazine could receive personalized emails and Facebook ads about upcoming music events in their city, as well as personalized letters and mail about the event.

How Can Print Help Me With Direct Marketing?

Print marketing is a tangible way to contact potential customers and show that your company is a legitimate business with a great offering. A targeted consumer could receive personalized postcards announcing future events that would be of interest to them. For example, If the magazine sold instruments and sound equipment, they could send out announcement cards with coupon codes referencing a web page for ordering a new guitar or amplifier. Another example is a consumer who is researching home buying receiving a letter or postcard about home loans to help them navigate the purchasing process.

Direct Print Marketing can help a potential customer contact your company to schedule an appointment directly or go to a website to make a purchase or to get more information.

New Product Launch

Say you’re launching a new product and want to give it a competitive edge. Or perhaps you’re ready to introduce your services to a new market or to a new segment of prospects who have previously gone untapped. Whatever the case, you want to make a big splash, but you also want to make sure it’s the right kind of splash (think Olympic diver vs. cannonball or belly flop). That’s where we come in.

Common forms of direct print marketing include:

Our marketing support team provides the services and expertise you need to make a positive impact (and impression). From printed postcards, product literature, and media kits to complete multichannel marketing campaigns, we’ll get you started on the right foot and lead your journey every step of the way.