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Laboratory Printing Services

We Have Affordable Documents to Keep Up with All of Your Laboratory Demands.

Documentation. It is essential to the day-to-day operations of your laboratory. Whether it is for compliance with regulations… written procedures or policies that need to be followed in the laboratory… or the records you need to keep for the ongoing research and experimentation that are part of the everyday goings-on. Documentation is a vitally essential element and is part of every laboratory facility. They are important for experimentations, producing data, and for safety.

We have an assortment of documents that help you capture what your laboratory team is working on, and when and how they are working on it. We understand the types of records that are needed in your laboratory.

Packaging IFU and Box Examples-Instructions for use

For example, forms that organize clear and concise data that confirms what task is performed… when it happened… and who worked on it.

As well as what transpired when the task was done.  We have the high-quality materials you need to keep the documented audit trail with the required data needed for the laboratory inspectors at the state and federal levels.

Labeling Essentials

Roll Label 4 Examples vertical-Transparent

We have a variety of labels to suit your needs so you can label everything in your laboratory. We understand that proper labeling of everything in the laboratory is essential to the success of your laboratory. With the proper labels, there are fewer mistakes and more productivity. Having the labels that you need to record critical data means no repeating experiments to recapture the data!

Document Integrity

We have the highest grade of printing technology and equipment available such as our Viva Inspection System. It works in combination with our Horizon Booklet Maker. This system ensures the superiority and integrity of your final printed product. 

Instructions for Use (IFU) examples

The Viva Inspection System removes errors that are commonly found in other binding processes. We can process and print any specification and quantity… producing the finest in quality… on time.  This elite integrated system is an exceptional performer for your Laboratory document needs.

Affordable Laboratory Product Options

At TPS, we have affordable options for printed materials that are best suited for every aspect of your laboratory. From the environment, safety, and research. To packaging, instruction, and publication. Whether you need case studies, Instructions for Use (IFU’s), manuals, or specialized labeling services, we have the professional-performance materials suited for your project needs.


Forms & Logs

  • Carbonless NCR forms
  • Instrument file forms
  • Maintenance logs
  • Proficiency testing enrollment order forms
  • Report Forms
  • Temperature and humidity logs
  • Test requisitions
  • Test worksheets

Dedication to Quality Assurance

TPS Printing is dedicated to strict adherence to quality assurance levels to follow and comply with regulations. We provide professional, consistent products that will meet your industry's most stringent guidelines.

Are you in need of a customized form for your laboratory activity? Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will create one for you. Our graphic design department is second to none and works closely with our clientele on a daily basis to design the form best suited to their needs.

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