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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns with Postcards

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Looking to boost your sales and add some flair to your next promotion? Postcards might be your secret weapon!

Postcards offer a vibrant and cost-effective solution for your marketing needs. They are visually engaging, frequently read, and deliver substantial exposure. Statistics reveal that 79% of people act on direct mail immediately, and 92% of young shoppers prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.

With an impressive average ROI of 85%, postcards can significantly boost revenue, especially when targeting specific audiences and linking to tailored landing pages on your website.

Five Tips for Creating Impactful Postcards

Postcards are personal, practical, and fun, perfect for product promotions, time-sensitive sales, or sending a thank you note. Here are five tips to create eye-catching postcards that drive action:

1. Get Creative with Design

Modern printing techniques allow for a variety of postcard sizes, shapes, and finishes. Think outside the box with tri-fold layouts, foiled or embossed accents, square promo cards, or coupons with detachable referral slips.

2. Highlight the Problem You Solve

People don’t read every word, so get straight to the point. Clearly communicate the problem your business solves. Focus your writing, graphics, and headlines on how your product or service improves lives.

3. Keep Graphics Simple and Clear

Your postcard’s image should be instantly recognizable and directly support the key sales message. Avoid overly clever designs that might confuse your audience. You have just a few seconds to capture attention, so make it count.

4. Utilize a Series Approach

It can take time for people to warm up to new ideas. Sending a series of postcards can be effective. Start with a seasonal special, followed by a more tempting offer, such as a free 30-day subscription or a $10 gas card for spending $50 at your auto shop. This approach increases the perceived value of your offers.

5. Use Bulleted Lists and Clear Calls to Action

Long text blocks can deter readers. Use punchy subheadings and bulleted lists to highlight value.

  • Highlight Savings
    Instead of just mentioning the discounted price, show the actual savings. For example, “Get our yearly subscription for $99 – a $20.88 savings!”
  • Make Discounts Clear
    Show the price before and after the discount. For example, “Originally $125, now just $75!”
  • Add Actionable Elements
    Enhance your calls to action with QR codes that lead to relevant webpages or specific instructions. For example, “Scan this QR code to subscribe to our newsletter,” or “Call today for your free consultation!”

Let Us Help

New to postcard marketing? No worries! Our full-service team can guide you through every step of the design, printing, and mailing process. Contact TPS Printing today for more details and start boosting your marketing efforts with postcards!

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