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Using Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Packaging is an often overlooked, yet powerful marketing tool that can help your products stand out and create competitive differentiation. When a shopper walks into the store, even if they aren’t looking for something in your product category, the proper packaging can entice them to make a purchase they hadn’t planned. That’s why packaging should be considered part of your marketing toolbox. Here are five ways to use product packaging to your advantage:

1. Great Design Matters. The front of your container, whether a label or folding carton, should be eye-catching and creative. Use bright colors, glossy coatings, embossing and foil effects, or even vintage designs to grab shoppers’ attention in the store. Great packaging can also be effective for social media marketing campaigns and photo ops. Custom product boxes can be a great way of putting your product on display.

2. Emphasize Sustainability. With more and more consumers looking to buy sustainable products, the packaging is a great way to show that your brand is committed to the environment. Use biodegradable or reusable packaging, then promote your efforts on the package where shoppers can see it easily.

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3. Target Specific Audiences. Break up your packaging into different target segments like men and women or language-specific markets with Spanish messaging along with English text.

4. Create Personalized Options.  Short-run digital production allows you to offer specialized packaging with customers’ names on them – perfect for corporate events and gift-giving!

5. Add Something Extra. Include a coupon for their next purchase, a sample of a related product, or even a funny refrigerator magnet inside the package – customers love these extra touches! By taking advantage of all these features in your product’s packaging design and construction, you can surprise and delight customers while building brand loyalty that keeps them coming back – time after time.

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