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Turning Complaints into Profits

Nobody likes to think that they could ever have an unhappy customer, yet we all still get complaints every so often. But it’s important to understand that complaints can be opportunities. Properly handled, they can create more trust and respect between you and your client, or if improperly handled, it can be the end of that client’s business and an open door for negative feedback.

Studies show that the way consumers feel about companies or brands they purchase from is significantly impacted by how those companies respond to critical feedback. A company whose culture is responsive and caring is highly valued by consumers, even after a less-than-satisfactory experience.

Here are a few tips for turning those complaints into positive opportunities and winning customers back.

1. Establish a Customer Feedback Program

Consumers are more likely to give a company feedback over email—not in person. So, creating an online environment where it’s easy for customers to contact you will ensure that you get as much feedback as possible.

2. Personalize Customer Experience

The last thing an unhappy customer wants is a response that is disingenuous or makes the customer feel like they’re “getting the go-round.” Be sure to personalize every response to a complaint and address each customer and their issues specifically.

3. Make it Easy for the Customer

The easier it is for the customer to return a form, the higher the chances they actually will. Prefilling a response form with a customer’s name and address and other information you already have will streamline their workload.

4. Communicate Over Multiple Channels

Studies show that customers are happier with a brand or company when they communicate over multiple channels. So, send an email AND pick up the phone. Just be sure that the brand experience is consistent across all communication channels.

5. Utilize Consumer Data in Communication

Every time someone uses your services or makes a purchase from your company, you’re collecting data. Use that data to personalize your customer’s experience and higher your retention rates. Automatically generate a personalized thank-you email after every instance of feedback using a triggered messaging system. This will help your customers feel that their opinions are important and appreciated.

Let us help you set up a multichannel customer feedback program.

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