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When is the Time to Rebrand?

Rebranding is no small thing. Your brand is your business, and modifying or completely reconstructing it should never be done lightly. But sometimes, it’s just the right time. But before you do, listen to some advice from the experts about when the time is right to rebrand.

1. When there has been a significant change in your business.

We understand that businesses must evolve and that sometimes they reach a point in their evolution where they look nothing like what they once were. This could be due to expansion into different industries, areas, or niche markets. Or maybe your business has simply grown and a local brand is no longer sufficient.

2. When your consumer base has changed.

Business change, and so do their customers. For example, customers that used to frequent McDonalds have suddenly become more health-conscious. Harley Davidson’s is seeing a younger generation of customer. All of these changes set into motion different needs for brand presentation. You have to ask yourself, has there has been a shift in my business’s consumer base that has long-term ramifications? And if so, is it still reflected by my current branding, or does that need to evolve as my customers do?

3. When your brand has become visually bland or outdated.

There will come a day for many companies where the aesthetics of their brand have simply outlived their market. What was cool in the 70s may not survive long in this new millennium. Trends in color, font, logo-style, and other representations of your brand may need to be revisited if it’s been a decade or two. Which century is your brand living in?

4. When customer-engagement with your brand sees a significant drop.

Your customers are the life of your company. If they can’t engage with your brand, the recapturing their attention has to become a priority. Fresh, new marketing tactics may be able to accomplish this, but sometimes it’s the brand that they’re not connecting with. If nothing else is solving your sales slump, it may be time to try rebranding to help prospective customers see your business in a whole new light.

5. When you look like everyone else.

The early life of your company may have seen great returns because of its singularity in its industry. These days, small businesses are a dime a dozen, and your market is no longer young and cutting-edge. As competitors are pouring into your market, you need to find a way to continue to stand out and break through the crowd of service providers like you. Sometimes, fresh branding that rises above the others can give you the edge you need and help you keep up your momentum in the market.

Is it time to rebrand your business? If you’re thinking, “yes,” then give us a call! Our team of graphic designers and branding experts will help you brainstorm and get you back on top of the market with a fresh, new look.

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