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Study Shows Buyer Personas Driving Demand Gen

New marketing studies have shown that before consumers purchase from you, they require more information about your company and brand. Whether it’s through email, direct mail, or online, customers want a better understanding of buyer persona. In order to create more awareness, companies are designing very sophisticated programs for generating demand.

According to the Annuities’ Demand Generation Survey, these are the top five goals that companies focus on in improving through demand generation campaigns.

  1. Lead Quality (92%)
  2. Cross-Sales or Upsells (62%)
  3. Lead Volume (61%)
  4. Brand Awareness (48%)
  5. Customer Retention (33%)

The results of this study reveal that every year, demand gen efforts are becoming more productive and effective. This is, in part, due to companies developing a broader and more holistic view of their consumer base. 2016 saw an increase of 11% in the percentage of demand gen programs standardizing the use of buyer personas.

It also shows that 65.5% of organizations plan their demand gen activities and programs with buyer personas in mind and 22% utilize them in the planning stages.

These are some of the criteria used to develop these buyer personas.

Job function 68.1%
Job title 65.5%
Size/revenue of company 56.6%
Core buyer pain points 55.8%
Purchase authority/influence 46.0%
Product interest 32.7%
Buying processes 30.1%
Content channel consumption 26.5%
Demographic information (age, marital status, hobbies, etc.) 20.4%
Obstacles that inhibit better engaging with the buyer 10.6%
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