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How to Get the Most Out of Roll Labels for Manufacturing Your Nutraceutical or Pharmaceutical Products

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Are you looking for Pharmaceutical labels or Vitamin bottle labels that stand out and are compliant? Roll labels are an excellent turnkey solution that can be customized to your specifications.

What are Roll Labels?

circle-roll-label-example-of-3Roll labels are produced on a continuing liner. The labels are typically wrapped around a spool so that they can be unpeeled from the roll and fixed onto the product (bottle, box, or another container) swiftly.

The rolled label format is easily customized and adapted to machine label applicators for dispensing on the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or manufacturing production line.

Roll labels for manufacturing are available in many different sizes, shapes, and are flexible for various printing techniques. They are compatible with producing superior legibility and vibrant graphics. They are the ultimate solution for many labeling jobs. Roll labels can be produced to your specifications in varying quantities from 100 to 10,000. There is another product with an adhesive also which is commonly known as stickers. Stickers are typically produced in lower quantities.

What Label Statements are Required by the FDA to Appear on a Dietary Supplement Container?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) necessitates that certain label statements appear on the packaging and containers for dietary supplements. The statements include:


  • The name identifying the dietary supplement.
  • The amount (or net quantity) of contents.
  • The nutrition labeling.
  • The list of ingredients in the dietary supplement.
  • The manufacturer (or packer or distributor) name and location of the business.

What are the Requirements for a Pharmaceutical Label?


The professional label for the pharmaceutical industry is mandated to stay in place on the container for the lifetime of its contents. That includes from distribution to storing to be

ing used by the consumer. The label must be clear and readable throughout this time frame, too.

Adhesives, paper (or other) materials, and laminates must be durable and take into consideration the conditions the package will be exposed to including water, UV light, or refrigeration.

There are over 50 guidelines pertaining to labeling. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a Prescription Drug Labeling Resource available as a resource guide.

What Specifications are Best for the Material Being Used for the Label?

Base materials available for roll labels include paper, polypropylene, and vinyl. They come in varying strengths and gages. Laminated materials can be added to the base material to increase flexibility, thickness, or protection. Laminates help to protect the label in conditions such as humidity, water, heat, refrigeration, and more.

directions-label-example1There are varying combinations of base materials or laminates that can be applied to bottles, glass, boxes, aluminum, and other materials.

The materials for pharmaceutical labels are not as strictly regulated as the requirements for the packaging or container itself for the packaging that is in direct contact with the drug inside.

As such, the label can be made from various materials including normal white paper stock, vinyl, and polypropylene are suitable choices. Using low migration inks significantly reduces any ink transfers.

How to Get the Most Staying Power Out of Roll Labels.

There are several adhesives (or glue) options available for roll labels. Getting the right adhesive will maximize the endurance of the roll label… and the information stated on the label.

Here are the main features to take into consideration for choosing the right adhesive:Roll Label Examples

  • What type of material will the label be affixed to?
  • What is the size or circumference of the package? For example, is it small and round? Or large and square?
  • Is the package the label will be on a smooth surface or corrugated?
  • Is the content inside the package or container either an oil, fluid or other material that is capable of dissolving an adhesive?
  • Is the package going to be exposed to heat, cold, humidity, water, arid, freezing, or other controlled conditions?
  • Does the package have any tight arcs, sharp edges (such as a box), or another shape that requires a strong adhesive to keep the label on it?
  • Will the label be removable for any reason?
  • What length of time will the label be required to perform at the optimum level?

You Can Rely on TPS Printing to Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Product.

Roll Labels

The customer care team at TPS Printing has the expertise to guide you through choosing the best adhesive, base material, and lamination combination that will optimize roll labels for all of your labeling needs.

Connect with our team now and tell us about your specifications for manufacturing, storing, and the use of your product. We will give you the insights you need and help you every step of the way. You can send us an email, or give us a call at 858-625-4111.

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