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QR Codes Are Everywhere — In Print Too!

The global pandemic has had a profound impact on the world of consumer marketing, and one of these impacts has been to bring QR codes more into the mainstream. With consumers increasingly comfortable using QR codes, businesses can confidently leverage this marketing tool, making it more straightforward for customers to gain information, access coupons, and reply to offers.

QR codes can revolutionize the way you use print marketing! While most people associate QR codes with taking the user to a web page, they can do much more.

When scanned, QR codes can launch a video, initiate a payment, add an event to your calendar and even make a phone call. This makes it simple for customers to access information or use coupons directly from paper flyers, brochures, or magazines. QR codes can also be displayed on Signage or Posters to allow customers quick access to information.

One of the best things about using QR codes for print marketing is that they’re free and easy to create – plus, updates are instantaneous so you don’t have to worry about distributing new material every time something changes.

Faster, Easier World for Customers

QR codes (short for “quick response” codes) have been around for nearly two decades. Now QR codes are here to stay because they make things faster and easier for consumers.

Consider just a few of the ways that QR codes are being used today. From restaurants to hotels and from medical facilities to sports events, QR codes are providing a convenient solution for consumers and businesses. With QR code printing, businesses of all sizes can offer a frictionless experience that is both fast and secure. QR codes are the future of customer interactions!

Get on board now and join the QR revolution! Start making contactless experiences easier for your customers by printing QR codes on your marketing materials today.

Want to learn how to use QR codes to make your customers’ lives easier? Just ask!

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