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Personalizing Your Content Marketing to Make Results Soar

Long before your customers ever contact your company, they spend hours researching the product they’re looking for. With the plethora of options available to them in every industry today, content marketing becomes incredibly important in making your product or services stand out. But how to make it stand out.

Many newsletters that companies are pumping out are really just glorified brochures, with general knowledge for the consumer. But, what would happen to results if you switched to a fully personalized approach instead?

A community-based healthcare system experimented with this theory, trading their traditional newsletter for one packed with content based on each or their patient’s health conditions. The newsletters were packed with content such as advances in medical treatments or information on new clinical trials related to their conditions.

They waited a year, then conducted a reader survey to measure the results of how readers were receiving their new approach. These were the results:

  • Responses showed that the percentage of those that found the articles to be relevant and interesting was 93%.
  • The number of those that read the newsletter every time it came and read it in its entirety was 73%.
  • 77% expressed that it took less time and effort to read.
  • 95% stated that the newsletter made them aware of services they previously knew nothing about.

The newsletter really solidified the relationship between the patients and the healthcare system. But even more importantly, those patients actually gleaned important information about their provider’s services. The impact results like this could have on revenue is incredible…

Maybe you don’t have the breadth of resources to analyze readership results on this detailed of a level. But there are many cost-effective ways that you can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Just to name a few, barcodes, invisible barcodes, PURLs (personalized URLs), discount codes, and landing pages are all great, cost-effective ways of monitoring your campaigns and measuring the results.

If you’re ready to personalize and revolutionize the way you do content marketing, give us a call.

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