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Maximizing Your Multichannel Advantage

According to studies done by SailThru, 72% of consumers stated that they prefer to connect with businesses and brands in a multichannel environment. And, did you know that 55% of marketers are now utilizing at least three or four different channels to communicate with their consumer target base?

We know that setting-up a multichannel environment may seem daunting… but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these five tips for maximizing your efforts:

1. Don’t Let the Data Scare You

“Multi” simply means more than one. And THAT means that it can begin with just two. Try starting small—like using email and direct mail, or email and a marketing video via QR Code. After that, add a third. Add social media share buttons on your e-newsletters or blog posts. Take it one step at a time, and before long you’ll have several channels—not just one.

2. Understand Each Channel’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Though all channels share a purpose, they’re not exactly interchangeable. Each channel has its pros and cons and you have to decide which stage in your campaign is the right place to add them. Order is important.

3. Understand Your Customer’s Preferences

Under certain circumstances, you’ll want to use multiple channels to communicate with the same customer or you may want to stick with a primary means of communication based on their preferences. The important part is to have options available. Some customers need to hear someone’s voice and get instant feedback and response. Others may prefer not to talk on phones and will respond better to an email.

If you send out newsletters—know that not every customer wants a print version. Some may prefer the email version, and vice versa. So ask them about their preference and then only send that that version. Sending them both will waste resources and annoy your consumers. You’ll get a better response rate and gain customer loyalty by getting to know their preferences.

4. Remember that Print Drives Mobile and Social Channels

Print drives awareness. The best way to begin growing your social media and email campaign efforts is to begin with print. It will bring better exposure to your other marketing campaigns.

5. Break Down the Silos

Multichannel campaigns don’t have to be integrated, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. Getting all the components of your marketing campaign working together is an important factor in system efficiency, but it requires breaking down data silos.

6. Put Each Channel in the Right Place in the Sales Funnel

We already mentioned that each marketing channel is for a different time and purpose. Know that they are not interchangeable and understand each role that they play in your sales funnel so that you can utilize them in the appropriate order.

If you need help setting up your multichannel environment or want to know more about the benefits of each channel and where they most effectively fit in the funnel, give us a call!

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