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Four Specialty Treatments to Add “Wow” to Your Packaging

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When it comes to packaging, a variety of unique paper treatments can be used to enhance your design, protect it from damage, and make it stand out on the retail shelf. Let’s take a look at four options that should be in any packaging designer’s toolbox.

  1. Lamination. Have a package that is likely to get a lot of handling? Consider lamination. This enhancement increases the package’s durability and adds protection against fingerprints and smudges, tears, abrasions, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. In addition to its protective qualities, lamination adds a sheen that makes your packaging eye-catching. Lamination is available in a matte finish if you prefer.
  2. Embossing/debossing. These are sophisticated techniques that can be a great way to add contrast and visual interest to your packaging. Embossing creates a raised effect that adds dimension to lettering or images, while debossing adds visual interest by depressing those features into the paper. Either way, embossing and debossing add irresistible appeal and let you create packaging that buyers can’t help but reach out and touch.
  3. Foil stamping. Nothing says “luxury” like foil. Whether dramatically highlighting the lettering on a box of gourmet chocolates or bringing pop and realism to a high-end cosmetic, foil is a showstopper. Foil comes in various colors but is most commonly used in metallics, such as gold, silver, and bronze.
  4. Spot UV. This popular treatment offers multiple options, from high gloss to soft touch, matte, and pearl. The application of spot UV is similar to applying a screen print on top of an image or text. Spot UV can be shaped to match the exact design over which it is applied, allowing you to add depth and dimension to your designs. Use this technique to highlight product features or make lettering and graphics jump off the box. Spot UV can also give your packaging a luxurious, tactile feel, helping to set your product apart from the “plain” packages next to yours.

Why not take the time to experiment with some of these treatments? Focus test them. See the impact when you add extra polish and flair to your designs. These are simple, cost-effective ways to set yourself apart and make the packaging of your competition look boring!

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